Why Belly Fat Is Bad For You

belly fatBelly fat is also known as abdominal or visceral fat. This kind of fat surrounds the human organs and makes the stomach swell. Belly fat is medically known to be a forecast of heart diseases, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and other related effects of diabetes. Unlike other types of fats found in human body, belly fat makes toxins that affect the working of the body, among them being chemicals that fasten chances of heart diseases and make your body insensitive to insulin thus propelling chances of suffering from diabetes. Belly fat is considered to be the most harmful form of fat in the human body. These harmful chemicals are called cytokines. They are known to cause inflammation which in turn causes certain cancers.

In the recent years, connections between belly fat and cancers which affects the colon, esophagus and pancreases were discovered. Belly fat is hidden in the stomach and due to this; it can hinder one from discovering the type of health risks it may cause. A person doesn’t need to be overweight for her to have belly fat related health risks.

In the human body, Belly fat is known to give a steady form of energy to the internal organs and this is where the health risk lies. There are two types of belly fat namely, the subcutaneous belly fat and visceral belly fat. The subcutaneous belly fat is known to be more harmful to the human body compared to the visceral belly fat. People who have flat stomachs are seen to be in control of their bodies and health. A huge stomach can do more than just turning heads in public places because it is also a health threat.

Here is why belly fat is bad for you;

1. Health risks.

Numerous health problems are usually blamed on excess belly fat in human being. This is because belly fat usually triggers organ malfunction. The problems are linked to where belly fat is located; this fat is situated near the heart, liver and other organs in the abdomen therefore feeding them with poison and interfering with their normal functions. Cancer, type 2 diabetes and lung problems are just but a few diseases caused by belly fat. Asthma is also a disease known to be caused by excess of it in the body.

2. It is the worst type of fat in the body.

Not all fat found in human bodies is equal. Belly fat is referred to as visceral fat because it forms spaces between internal organs in the stomach and intestines. The location of this fat is what makes it more harmful to the human body than any other type of fat found in the body.

Belly fat is known to cause abdominal obesity which has a high negative impact on human beings. Excess Belly fat can affect both men and women of all ages therefore it is important for everyone to take precaution in their lifestyle in order to keep it away. Apart from abdominal obesity, belly fat is also known to cause sleep apnea.

In summary, having a healthy body is a vital for everyone; therefore, eating food nutrients that are recommended and ensuring a regular exercise can indeed help you a lot in cutting such belly fat.