What is good and bad cholesterol?

A cup, spoon and pot of Vietnamese dessert: banana, tapioca puddingI think it is such as shame that someone came up with expression good and bad cholesterol. The truth is that there isn’t such a thing as bad and good cholesterol. We need both forms of cholesterol to function well, and what we really should be taking about is cholesterol balance.

LDL cholesterol is often being referred to as bad cholesterol, and we try to get rid off it. We don’t need to get rid of LDL cholesterol, we just need to balance it with the “good” cholesterol HDL. To be honest, we were a bit too quick to bring statins out, and there is now a big dispute over statins. Do they cause diabetes type 2? There is a lot of evidence that they do cause diabetes type 2.

Sadly, statins also cause severe muscle loss, and it is very easy to spot. Most people who are undergoing treatment with statins, have lost a lot of their muscle tone in both arms and legs. Even worse, a lot of them also complain about being out of breath and may find climbing the stairs a chore. Perhaps, it is about time we took a second look at cholesterol and considered natural remedies instead.

Vitamin D deficiency

Did you know that cholesterol is vital to the production of vitamin D? You may have been reading in the press that a lot of people over 50 are struggling with vitamin D deficiency. What the press is not telling you, is that statins can reduce the amount of cholesterol the liver produces, to the extent that it affects our vitamin D level.

This is probably why we are seeing so many people over 50 suffer from the lack of vitamin D. Their doctors have noticed slightly raised cholesterol levels, and prescribed statins. The statin they are taking is now causing their liver to produce a very small amount of cholesterol, and it may not even be enough to fulfill all of the functions the body needs the cholesterol for such as producing vitamin D.

Digestive problems and statins

Digestive problems have also been increased since we became statin junkies. How often have you heard a person over 50 saying that they are having a tough time digesting their food? They may complain that they are finding it hard to eat potatoes and meat at the same meal.

The fact is that once again, the liver is being affected by the statins, and not enough bile is being produced to help you digest your food. You may even find that your doctor has prescribed you some anti acids to help you to digest your food.

These are only four of the most common side effects of statins. The drug was only developed as a treatment, not for long term use but most doctors are prescribing it long term. We should stop wondering what is good and bad cholesterol, and concentrate on balancing out cholesterol instead. Doing that is relatively easy, and the best way is by using natural remedies such as diet and some herbal supplements.