Vitamins For The Brain

vitamins for the brainYou need to have healthy nerves to be able to function properly. That means that they are not painful. A healthy nerve is able to communicate and does not send incorrect signals for example burning more hot and cold tingling without reason and it also means that the brain is able to of unique aid with the muscles so they move correctly.

In order to build healthy nerves, the body requires specific nutrients of vitamins to build and maintain the nervous system.

You are probably not surprised to learn that the B vitamins is very effective in creating and maintaining healthy nerves. Regrettably just taking vitamin B1 orally doesn’t greatly increase the levels in the blood. This is because it is so water soluble and flushes out of the system within five or 6 hours. We are often deficient in vitamin B12 which protects the sheaving around nerve cells and studies have shown that it helps regeneration and the growing of new nerve cells. Again vitamin B12 comes with its own problems because the body stores it easily but doesn’t absorb it so easily. Supplements have historically used by larger oral dosages of vitamin B12 but that hasn’t been enough. A solution has been found however

There is a form of vitamin B called benfotiamine which has a structure allowing it to pass through cell membranes directly into the cell which means the vitamin B can be delivered where it’s needed directly into the cells, i.e. The nerves. It is not flush out of the body the way ordinary vitamin B1 does and is absorbed for longer.

If looking for any supplement for nerve pain, you need to be looking for a supplement that contains this form of vitamin B in an adequately large enough dosage.

There arevitamins for the brain a number of herbs of which historically have been used in nerve pain relief. These are not vitamins but can relieve some of the symptoms of a nerve irritation. Some like Feverfew for example have long been known to help with pain relief and others like an extract of Skullcap, can help increase the supply of blood to the brain and promote a soothing effect on the central nervous system