Does Sticking to Blood Type Diet Foods Really Make Sense?


blood typeNo matter what diet you look at, it’s all about restrictions. Diets are all about telling you what not to eat. Well, when it comes to the blood type diet, foods that are restricted, are certainly plentiful. Why, when you go in with a certain kind of blood group, these diets will often mix entire food groups.

For instance, if you are blood type A, you’re going to have to be ready to adjust to huge changes to the way you see your food. According to the system that recommends the blood type diet, foods that come from an animal source are quite forbidden to A types. The system believes that people with the A blood type have either European or Oriental genes. Since these were historically people who depended on agriculture to get by for the most part, the belief is that this blood type actually developed to thrive on a vegetarian diet. You want carbohydrates, fruits and veggies, and certainly no McDonald’s for you.

It’s practically the same thing with any blood group that has an A in it. While people with blood group B are able to eat just about anything at all, people who are the AB blood group need to follow the kind of diet the A in their blood group would prefer. Their best bet is a vegetarian diet. But since they have B in their blood to, a little meat wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Why is this that blood group B is allowed all kinds of animal stuff? Well, the belief is that if you’re blood group B, you descended from itinerant people – people from Europe, Asia and India who roamed about the planet a great deal, adapting to everything. Their bodies had to be prepared to survive on anything at all. And so, these people certainly have an advantage.

Type O is the world’s most common blood type. And you find it in aboriginal people – Africans, Native Americans, Australian aborigines and so on. And these were all people who lived the hunter gatherer lifestyle. If you really love your meat, you’d better hope that you’re the type O. While you’ll certainly need your fruits and vegetables, you can survive very well on a very carnivorous diet. But for the O blood type diet, foods to do with dairy products aren’t supposed to be so great.

Should you really stick to all of this? Is a blood type diet really going to help you? Well that’s what the belief is. The theory is that since we all have antigens in our blood to help us with our immune systems and our digestive systems and so on, you can only give your body stuff that your antigens won’t reject. You could try reading the book by Dr. Peter d’Adamo that started it all.