A Snoring Cure Some Simple Solutions

snoring cures

You might not have a snoring problem, but I bet your wife thinks you do. Over half of adult men suffer from snoring. The problem is also very high in women, but it is more common in men.

If you are looking for a snoring cure, you should stop, and take a look at your sleeping patterns. Many people find that the best solution to their snoring problem is simply changing the way that they sleep. Some people might have to use medicines or prescribed products, but most of us our sleeping right on top of our snoring cure.

Your pillow. Your pillow can be the cause of your snoring, but it can also be the solution to your problem. Lie down on your side, and see what angle your head is at when you are sleeping. You want your head to be level with the bed and the floor. Having your head and neck aligned in a straight line, will help to make sure that you have a wide enough passage for air to come freely in and out. Many people snore because of an obstructed passage. If you have a pillow that props your head up to high, or lets you sink down to low, this might be the cause of your problem.

Another snoring cure is to tie a tennis ball to your back. When we sleep on our backs we create a situation that blocks our airway. Our tongues will fall back into our throats, and make it harder for us to breathe. By tying a tennis ball, or any object, to your back, you will make it harder for you to sleep on your back.

Another way to stop snoring is to sleep with our mouths closed. Some people will use chin straps when they sleep, but this can be uncomfortable. Another solution is to exercise your jaw. This can be as simple as chewing a piece of gum a day. It is not an immediate fix, but in time you will strengthen your jaw enough so that it will stay closed all night.

You might consider getting ear plugs. Now I know that this isn’t a solution to the problem, but as your partner works to reduce their snoring, it is important that you can get a good night’s sleep.

Now, to work on the actual problem. To find snoring solutions you need to know what causes the problem. The main cause is that when people sleep, their throat muscles will relax. When we breathe, the air vibrates off of these relaxed muscles, and causes that obnoxious sound.

The problem is usually at it’s worst when you sleep on your back and with your mouth open. Here are some snoring solutions that will get you to sleep on your side, and to close your mouth.

To sleep on your side, tie a ball to the back of your shirt. This will make it impossible for you to sleep on your back. When you roll over, your way will be obstructed and you will move back to sleeping on your side.

If you want to close your mouth when you are sleeping, you need to work on your jaw muscles. To do this, you have to chew. Chewing will strengthen your jaw muscles and give you the ability to close your mouth all the way through the night. Chew a piece of gum for ten minutes every day. If you do not have any gum, you can fake it. Just move your mouth in a chewing motion for a few minutes.