Proven Ways Of Lowering Cholesterol Naturally


Cholesterol is a fatty product that is found in the body. It is produced in the liver and distributed across the body where it leads to the production of Vitamin D, bile and certain hormones. Cholesterol is healthy to the body when it is produced in moderate amounts. The problem arises when a person has too much cholesterol that can lead to health complications.

It is therefore important for a person to find ways of reducing cholesterol naturally. Before looking at a number of ways that one can use to reduce cholesterol, it is important to understand the effects of too much cholesterol in the body.

Effects of High Cholesterol in the Body

Unless a person visits the doctor for a check-up, it is not possible to tell whether they have a high level of cholesterol. When one visits the doctor, a simple blood test is sufficient to disclose their cholesterol levels. The main reason that high cholesterol is dangerous is because it causes the build-up of fatty acids in the arteries.

These fatty acids are known as plaque. If there is a gradual increase of plaque in a person’s arteries, they end up narrowing over time and this eventually interferes with the flow of blood to vital organs of the body such as the heart. When there is a reduction of blood to the heart, it is revealed through certain symptoms such as pain in the chest.

If the buildup of plaque in the arteries continues, there is a danger of some of the plaque bursting and causing a blood clot that can travel to the heart and cause a heart attack. The blood clot may also travel to the brain and cause a blockage which results in a stroke. As long as a person understands the factors that lead to a buildup of cholesterol, they can manage it. Factors such as diet, weight and level of activity play a huge role in the amount of cholesterol in the body. The age of a person, gender, family history as well as a person’s overall state of health also play a part in determining cholesterol levels.

Natural methods of Reducing Cholesterol

If a person has visited a doctor and discovers that they have high cholesterol, there are a few ways of reducing cholesterol naturally. Some of the methods include:

Limiting the intake of foods with saturated fats – The first step to reducing cholesterol levels in the body involves cutting down on certain foods such as red meat and butter that are known to have high levels of saturated fats. Instead, one should take white meat especially fish types like salmon that are rich in Omega 3 fats that are extremely beneficial to the body.

Eating foods with a lot of fiber – Plant foods that are rich in fiber are very useful in controlling cholesterol levels in the body. One should ensure that at least each meal has potatoes, beans, vegetables and fruits such as berries. It has been noted that all colorful foods such as green vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, plums and strawberries are very good in the control of cholesterol in the body.

Lose excess weight – If a person has too much weight, it will be very hard to control cholesterol levels in their body. One therefore needs to eat right and make time for exercise in order to manage their weight. Exercise is useful because it burns unwanted fats in the body and also improves blood circulation.

Eat more plant proteins – Doctors recommend that the best way of reducing cholesterol is by eating more plant proteins as opposed to animal proteins. Foods such as beans, peas and soybeans as well as most other legumes are highly nutritious and are known to lower cholesterol levels in the body.

Taking natural supplements – In order to accelerate the reduction of cholesterol levels in the body, one can opt for natural supplements that have been proven to deliver fast results. Some if the natural supplements include plant sterol supplements. The advantage of these supplements is that one only needs to consume a small amount per day for great results. In addition, a person should also take Psyllium, a natural product from seed grains that has a powerful effect against cholesterol levels in the body.

Based on the information above, it is clear that as long as a person leads a healthy lifestyle and eats right, they have a good chance of keeping high cholesterol at bay.